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SPACE DESIGNERS is actively engaged in the creation of appropriate solutions within an increasingly changing world. Set up in 1997, We are focusing primarily on the fields of Architecture ,Interior Design and Landscaping. Over the years the company has thrived with an energetic team of architects led by Mr and Mrs Patil. Space Designers has been the recipient of numerous awards.Over ten years later, our work field spans a vast variety of cultures,climates and landscapes. Each project is seen as a challenge and opportunity to uncover the unique characteristics of these specific conditions, investigating which intervention has a potential for positive change and impact in the way we deal with our natural and built world. An energetic team of architects works intensively with engineers, consultants, designers and the client, welcoming new insights that can lead to specific innovative solutions. This encourages programmatic and engineering concepts to be fully integrated into the design right from the conception.We work on a broad range of projects both in the public and private sector. It thrives in this wide variety and scales of its projects.

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